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Name:Joseph Brett "Joe" Jennings
Birthdate:Nov 3
Joe Jennings considers himself the luckiest man alive, and has since the day that he and his high school sweetheart Heather went on their first date. Most people didn't think they'd last past high school, most high school romances fizzling out, but they married young and had a family... three kids all in one go with Sally, Lila, and Brett coming along not too far into the marriage. While the kids were small, Joe was in university, where he became a counselor to mentally ill kids. Heather stayed home as a full-time wife and mom until the kids were older and well into school, which always meant the world to Joe. The two of them decided early on that they didn't want their kids in daycare, and they stuck by that every step of the way.

In a sense, their stable family life is why they decided to become a foster family when the kids were in their teens. It was Joe's work as a counsellor for children and teens with mental health issues that had them deciding they wanted to foster an older child, and soon, they were getting notification that they had been approved as a foster family, and a young man named Zed Blaze would come to live with them. They had barely a couple of days notice of his arrival, and in that time, Heather shopped up a storm for a lad his age, and she and Joe sat down with the kids and explained that Zed was coming from an abusive environment and they weren't to interrogate him.

The triplets were wonderful, and even if it was a shaky start with Zed clearly traumatised, he soon became a part of the family. He was a quiet and polite kid, quite withdrawn initially but gradually warmed up to being another kid of Heather and Joe's. To this day, Zed is as much their child as the triplets are, though he would soon come to reveal some shocking details about his past that Joe and Heather could never have seen coming.

Joe's closest friends are Mark Campbell and Carter Beaumont, and the three of them share the joys and fears of being dads together... There's also the fact that, for years, Joe teased the hell out of Mark about being a childless bachelor forever, while Mark teased back about Joe's three peas in a pod... Only to find Mark years down the road as father of two. But at the end of the day, the closest person to him is, and always will be his beloved wife.
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